Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm trying to expand my tastes in music. It's such a waste to have a fifty-dollar-a-month modem and not download everything that it's possible to find illegally, from Microsoft Publisher (done and done) to previously unaired family guy episodes (an exploit of Chad's, apparently).

As the radio is no longer a viable option for finding worthy music, I look to people for musical influence. Today, and probably for the next few weeks, I've decided to emulate Jacquie, my off-and-on-again internet pal, who's gone from freshmen to graduate in what's seemed like a blink of an eye-- it's crazy how quickly people grow up when you forget to check in on them. Remind me not to do that if I ever have kids.

When I met her, Jacquie's favorite band was Weezer, so this is where I've started. At random, I selected 10 Weezer tracks to download (I already had "Sandwiches Time", and "Pink Triangles", thanks to the influence of Jacquie and Rachel from California, respectively.) I've been thinking a lot about Weezer lately, thanks in part to WCYY 10's infuriatingly endless air time and, in part, to a young manager at work who's new glasses remind me of Weezer...or of what I assume a Weezer member would look like, I should say.

Damn. Boring post so far.

I think next I will download all the songs from the "Grosse Pointe Blank" sound track.

Hmmm...minor emergency, must devote full attention. Will write more later!

On with it.


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