Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Hmmm, didn't bother at all yesterday. Odd of me.

Lately most of my internet-related energy has gone into playing pointless neopet games and getting into fights on the pit. (Frank's Pit, a message bored I used to be really into and am now getting psyched about again.)

I don't think to the pit because I don't want to flood it with my friends, though I'd sorta like it if a few of them decided to hang out there. I sent Mitch a link that he seemed to ignore- he and I haven't been talking as much lately, damned class scheduling- and a couple people know about it and check it out every now and then. The one person I'd really like to rope in as a perma-pitster is Chad. Something about his......chadlike nature would just...well, not blend in at the pit at all, it would be great. And I need someone on my team there. I want Chad.

Not going to be much updating going on this weekend- tomorrow I'm going to Gloucester, where Em and I are going to hang out for the day, and then early friday morning, phil and I are heading down to- dun dun DUHHHH!- New York. Eugene Lang isn't doing interviews anymore, so I'm just going down to check out the school and the city. Staying with Greg- I need a state ID to get into the dorm so I went and got one. I do not exaggerate- my ID dons the mother of all ugly identification pictures.

Greg thought Phil's name was Josh for some totally inexplicable reason. This amuses me. It doesn't take much.

While in New York, I desperately hope to see those statues of the characters from Alice in Wonderland....unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea where they are! I might just be imagining them for all I know! So e-mail me if you have any clue what I'm talking about.

On with it.