Monday, April 29, 2002

Last night, I mentioned that I allude to too much. Today, I'd like to test the theory that, indeed, any half-wit who had even a moderate interest could figure out pretty much exactly what I've been referring to over the past week and a half....or come up with some general description of my current situation. So, let the testing begin-

Attention fellow bloggers, random surfers, and anyone at all who is viewing this page for the first time, or has viewed this page before, but has never met me! I have a puzzle for you!

Hello, strangers. I'm glad that you've found my site- if you have a little while, I need your help. I want to know if, by reading what I've posted over roughly the past two weeks, the average person would be able to figure out my current situation in at least general terms. So put on your thinking caps, or at least your able-to-detect-the-fairly-obvious caps, and start reading. If you think you know what's going on, e-mail me at with your guess. Anyone who tries will get a link to their site posted on "You Must Be Very Bored" for two weeks (and let me tell you, though I don't so many visitors as to make one burst with excitement, all the visiters I do get are generally bored enough so that they will go to any link they're directed to.) and a free subscription to Linda's Titleless Newsletter, which is in the works of a tremendous comeback. Anyone who guesses reasonably close to the actual situation will get their link posted on "You Must Be Very Bored" for a full month, a free subscription to Linda's Titleless Newsletter, and a link and short description of site included in an upcoming issue of Linda's Titleless Newsletter (which has a rapidly growing readership, and soon to have online archives, so your link will be immortalized in it's Titleless Newsletter fame!). But most of all, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing that you've pieced together what dozens of my own, close friends haven't bothered to!

So get going!

Everything you need should be either currently posted, or posted in this archive week:
But you can feel free to look through any of the archives for hints...though I'm not exactly sure what they'd be.

And be sure to include the link you want posted, as well as the title of your site, in your e-mail.

This little intrigue benefits me enormously, thank you for your participation, and happy hunting!

(Tip: Be sure to look for clues in song lyrics, bits of conversation, and anything else I've included! People who have met SuedeCarame are not eligible to participate.)

On with it!