Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Another contest response, this time provided by the magnificient Jacquie-Jackster*, which is a randomly assigned nickname I would probably resent if I were her. So don't call her that.

And, for those of you who are just arriving, HIYA! You can find out ALL ABOUT the contest and how you can participate on just two posts down, on April 29th.

Linda: no guesses, huh? If you try, you get a free subscription! (Not that I wasn't already going to force one on you)
Jacquie: haha! force, no I was going to ask
Jacquie: hmmmm
Jacquie: i was going to guess something that might be extreme, just a wild one
Linda: guess anything, I don't care
Jacquie: ok...
Jacquie: you had sex! hahahahaha, man I am out there
Linda: HAHAHA :-)
Linda: you're so cook
Jacquie: i bet that's not even close!
Linda: *Cool
Linda: No, I didn't have sex
Jacquie: thank you!
Linda: would you like to be among the elite few that knows what's going on?
Jacquie: hmm...made out with a squirrel?
Jacquie: you're having a baby? getting married/
Jacquie: sure!
Linda: With a squirrel? Hahaha, where the hell do you get this stuff....
Linda: Well, if you really want to know...
Linda: I made out with a chipmunk.
Jacquie: i pull it out of my ass
Jacquie: which i do....
Jacquie: i'm curious....curious george...
Jacquie: awww! wrong backyard fuzzball!
Jacquie: haha
Linda: See, they have smaller tails than squirrels, and they live in the ground, and they're brown
Jacquie: ahhh i see
Jacquie: i like chipmunks too. I had this thing with Alvin and the other once. Oh baby it was fuzzy fun that night!

:-) Ain't she great?

So, the incredibly lucky, and very insightful Jacquie is wrong, something she's probably not accustomed to, but she gets a free subscription- Ooooo! Aaaaah!- and the following link to ALL THE JACQUIE GOODNESS YOU COULD WANT will be placed here for the next two weeks...not that I don't link to her site all the time...

...but I don't link to YOURS! So come on, join the ranks, venture a guess! You'll get all this glory, and possibly more!

Are YOU up to the challenge?

On with it.

*Note: Jacquie WAS elligible because, technically, I've never met her. Just in case you were going to bitch.