Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I am posting a retraction of the statement I made last night, a misunderstanding I've help for quite a while. But why should I write about it when everybody's favorite internet-based junior rapper already has:

"Hey, Since you sent me your website I checked it out. Saw that you
posted the lyrics. Just one correction, I'm not the Man Show Boy. I work on
Jimmy Kimmel Live as a correspondant and I got the job from my retarded
website videos (The Superbowl Is Gay) video to be exact."

Once again, that's from Andy Milonakis.

This has got me all tingly. I recently bought some advertising space on Wil Wheaton's site, and I guess he had to approve it before he put it up, so he's probably been here. That makes two second-rate celebrities who have been to my blog in the past couple of weeks-- rapture! Truly, this is the way dreams come true.

...Which doesn't speak highly of my dreams, now that I come to think of it. Ah well. I'm still getting way more hits than Casey.

On with it.