Saturday, December 22, 2001

"Now is the time to seize the day!
Send out the call the join fray!
Wrongs will be righted
If we're united
Let us seize the day!"

Yeah, I really want to hear 0% Real again. They, triangle sleep, and Ties of Seven are apparently having a show sometime in January and I really want it to be sooner than later. Nothing better than the garage band scene.

I have to go shopping for Jeff (and Tony) and I really don't want to do it with my mother- Ryan and I were going to go and then go to the movies, but I realized that I'm on a pretty damn limitedbudget and if I went to the movies on a weekend, I wouldn't have enough money left over to get Jeff anything half decent (and Tony anything one eight-hundred-and-sixth-fourth decent). Other than her, Jenn's either working or gone, Em's working, and...well, I haven't tried anyone else, I suppose I probably could. I'm sort of out of practice calling people and randomly making plans, but most of my friends are home right now. Perhaps George would want to accompany me. *picks up phone*

Wow, I'm really dumb- George was going shopping with her brother's- one of whom I'm really close to anyway- and I totally didn't ask if I could join them. Because I felt it would be rude!

"Where have my testicles gone?
Long time pasting
Where have my tesitcles gone?
Long time ago...."

And for those of you who are wondering why I would but that I have male anatomy on my site, it's cause I do. In a jar, on my shelf, floating in rubbing alcohol. I chopped 'em off of some bastard who called me feminine.

On with it.