Sunday, December 16, 2001

Things I said I was going to accomplish today:
*My English Homework
*My French Homework
*Studying for auditions
*Cleaning some of my room
*Renting and watching a movie

Things I already have accomplished today:
*Studying for auditions

Hours left before I (intend to) go to bed:

Things I should do before tomorrow:
*Study for auditions more
*Clean some of my room
*Start reading the book Mr. Leighton loaned me
*Sending Mrs. White that e-mail about why I should be the manager of the quill

Things I pretty much need to do (but most likely won't) before tomorrow:
*My English homework
*My French homework

What I actually want to do, and probably will if I get off my ass:
*Rent a movie and watch it

Insincere justification of that action:
*I can do my french homework WHILE watching the movie, and that will keep me away from the internet, which would prevent me from doing anything at all.

The pointless activity that I'm wasting both of our time on:
*Updating this bastard of a site, and debating if "time" should have been pluralized right here

Last line of this entry:
On with it.