Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I have added what I believe is Kacie's Site to the people list, even though I'm not positive it's her site, as it doesn't say that it is anywhere I've looked on it so far. But there's compelling evidence that it is, and that evidence is as such:

-The link was in her profile.
-Person on site mentions living in Maine but going to college elsewhere.
-Said person likes comparitively obscure musician Leonard Cohen, much as I do, and Kacie and I are always incidently agreeing on comparitively obscure musicians.
-Said person loves "High Fidelity" the movie whereas I love "High Fidelity", the book. That's the sort of thing Kacie and I would have kinda/sorta in common, as well.

So I believe it to be hers, and that means you should check it out, as everyone of our mutual acquaintances loves Kacie. Not to be confused with Casey, whom dislikes the homophone-ius-ness of the two names (because he's not a girl, even though he'd make a *hot* one) and who all our mutual acquaintances think is a dastardly hard-ass.

On with it.