Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Today's quote of the day (in italics):
Mr. Leighton: What happened to your neck Linda? Did someone try to strangle you?
Linda: *Doesn't dignify what she thinks is a joke*
Leighton: Well?
Linda: I'm sure you can ascertain what they are.
Leighton: *Confused Silence* THAT what hickies look like? hard to keep a straight face.

Ms. Grant almost came in to usurp the title a few times today with at least a dozen or so classroom discussion references to my "muffler burns" which she asked to see up close. I now know, definitively, how Andrew used to feel when I left him branded. Though it's a little less infamous when no one in school has met the attacker.

Today's been....I dunno, dreary-feeling. Funny as shit in a few spots, but overall....I really just can't wait for Jenn to get back. Tomorrow, it's rumored. I also have a shitload of work to finish before friday....I'll get to some of that tonight. (Laugh Track #27 plays)

FieryGwenivere: it pisses me off when people judge the songs by the artists. If a song is good, it shouldn't matter who's singing it
FieryGwenivere: unless they have an atrocious voice or something
Jacquie: yeah
FieryGwenivere: but you know what I mean
Jacquie: yeah i do
Jacquie: man, the whole weezer thing. as soon as people see who they are (30 year old dudes) then they're like ewwwww
Jacquie: it makes me mad...and i think half of them are cute! haha
FieryGwenivere: there you go
FieryGwenivere: Yeah, but even if they weren't
FieryGwenivere: I love a whole shitload of music that I wouldn't look at the artists for too long sober
Jacquie: hahaha!!!
FieryGwenivere: Ella Fitzgerald- holy shit, there's an ugly chick.
Jacquie: i know, i like the white stripes, and ok the guy is a little off key and stuff but i like it, and i actually get what he's saying. my mom thought it was kind of crappy, but i don't know, he has some expression in his voice, so i like that
Jacquie: HAHAHA
FieryGwenivere: Simon And Garfunkel aren't exactly steaming hotties
Jacquie: that whole milli vanilli thing was bogus
Jacquie: oh no they're not!
FieryGwenivere: though, I don't know....gotta love that white-guy afro
Jacquie: oh yeah, that's hot
FieryGwenivere: I'd like to get him alone on a Bridge over Troubled Waters.
Jacquie: oh baby, ow ow ow!
FieryGwenivere: I'd like to visit his scarborough fair!
Jacquie: HAHA
Jacquie: ride the carosel pony! yeehaw
Jacquie: haha i have no idea what the hell i'm talking about
FieryGwenivere: He gets me feelin' groovy
FieryGwenivere: (you think I do?)
Jacquie: comment

Jacquie and I are musing with the idea of a creating a "blogger orgy", which basically means we're trying to get a bunch of people to link to each other. (Hey to Bridget and Lauren) Trying to organize that...or whatever.

So today in french, Mitch scratched on his book cover- one of those plastic sticky ones, and the obnoxious noise brought back very suddenly a powerful memory- before he moved in eighth grade, Jeremey sat behind me in science and math, and he and Jesse would sit there and just scratch on there book covers all throughout the class to annoy me. I, of course, loved every moment of the attention. And I loved it when Jeremey would organize, like, 5 of his friends to march around me making famous tiger references (I.E. "They're Grrrrrreat!") because I note to him once that I had become attracted to the tiger poster on my wall. It hit me pretty completely in French class...but I'm not really sure I have it in me to sit around and die of it like I used to. I wish I did. Certain things need to be felt.

"And if you never heard that silence
Well, it's a god-awful sound."

I wanted to go for a walk earlier- put on my headphones and just walk through the streets and the wetness of it all after the rain, the darkness and the quiet and the outside Lisbon at night. I wanted to blast music into my ears and walk through the streets, looking contemplative. It's too dark now, mom wouldn't let me go alone. Now I'm longing for a ride in Bullet, but Jesse and I need to make our plans in advance, he's got a busy-ass schedule. I'd go for a ride on my own but, no license, no car......I need someone around here who'll just drive me. Maybe we could sit in silence, maybe we could listen to music, whatever. I just need to be moving right now.

Should do my massive amounts of creative wriitng, but I do this instead. Look at me, I'm a dumbass. Maybe I should take a nap. A nap would almost be nice.

I'm missing the days of me and Kris on the phone for hours at a time, doing our seperate things, being our seperate selves, but the sounds of us never being apart unless they absolutely needed to be. But, then, I tend to miss a lot of things.

On with it.