Monday, February 25, 2002

Well, things have been kinda shitty since I posted yesterday, but there are two new bright spots:

*My darling Chad has, at long last, joined the pit at my request and
*My friend James who, living in a suburb of New Orleans and constantly hitting on internet chicks, has, by far, the most fucking insanely weird sex life I've ever, has agreed to let me use him in this site's newest feature- The James' Fucked-Up Sexual Encounters update. This means I will be cheering on James in his wacky persuits of all sorts of stupendously screwy sexual situations, including the proposed encounter that first inspired this idea- the 32-year-old online who wants James to screw her in front of her husband. With any luck, I should be able to make James mojo the most famous in all of Louisiana! Let's all cheer James, who will be supplying me with stories of his every future sexual encounter, on, and encourage him to practice safe sex!
From here on out- if this attempt to post an image works, this icon, or a similar one of James' lovely facecwill denote a James' Fucked-Up Sexual Encounters update.

I need to check if that worked and do like a hundred other things, so I'm off!

On with it.