Sunday, February 24, 2002

Turtle, previously known as Jeff, was exactly what I needed tonight, and I'm sure that shocks all of you. We had a really good night. Started off shaky, as I was still carrying around the anger from earlier, but I bitched and then relaxed and things got better.

Things aren't hot right now, though- Elorza has just informed me he can't go to the prom. I wouldn't dream of being a tumultous influenece in their relationship spare details, I wish things had worked out.

Chad has become my punching bag and I love him to death for it- he's one of the few left that I still bitch to consistently. He's good at being bitched to.

I need sleep. School tomorrow. I don't have the drive to write more anyway. These things will get good again, eventually, I swear. Play in the archives for now.

On with it.