Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Jan G. is- or was until approximately 2.5 seconds ago- talking about some movie that involved a woman getting cloned into four people and chopping some guy's manhood off, which resulted in it's remains squirting bloog all over the place. But as she and the person she was relating this story to were standing at Mr. Leighton's desk, our dear librarian came over and shooed them, complete with stereotypical shooing hand motions. This caused Jan to move about 6 feet away from his desk and continue the story, more loudly. Gotta love openly defiant people.

I saw her at Good Will once with her aunt and some child I can only assume was either her cousin or her sister. She's talked about her aunt, whom she lives with, as being a hellish bitch before, but I tended to take it with a grain of salt, the way I take....well, pretty much any of my contemporaries saying....pretty much anything. Seeing this woman for real, however, gave me more pity for Jan that I can previously remember having for anyone- this massive atrocity of a woman bitched out, in no uncertain terms, the people at the counter who refused to give her some discount for some reason (which I suppose is understandable, it may have been an important discount for her) and slapped the child- who was no older than 5- across the face for the offense of climbing around int he cart. Jan stood there quietly- the only time I ever saw her be quiet- and looked clearly ashamed. I tried to offer her sympathy with my eyes but she wouldn't meet my stare.

I don't particularly like Jan, but she's a good enough person. I wouldn't run away with her- as I would so many other people- but she's tolerable in small doses. And apparently she turned out as well as she possibly could have under the circumstances.

On an unrelated and totally (searches desperately for the word she's looking for) vapid note, I like the way my hair is falling today.

I will be in school, non-stop, until 5:00 tonight- from study hall (where I am now) I go to chemistry, then detention, then a half-hour of science olympiad, then Civil Rights Team. This is not pleasing to me- If the time were mine, I would be spending it doing wonderful things like writing useless entries on this or posting on the pit, but it's conceivable that I could expand my horizons via renting a movie or maybe reading a book. Doubtful, but conceivable.

Johnny V- which is what people actually call him, is asking me my opinion on a computer-related problem that, had I the drive, I could probably solve for him. However Johnny, while infinitely more pleasant than Jan, is another one of those people that- for some reason- I can only handle in small doses, and heand I are going to be having to spend way too much time together in the next month working on Mission Possible for Science Olympiad, which drives me to want to spend as little time listening to his voice at any other time as is at all possible. He is sitting across from me and I'm applying the "Nod and say 'yeah'" theory to our conversation. No fucking clue what he's talking about.

I'm going to now illegally check my mail (which isn't something I regularly do in the library, but I'm at my wits end {included for Mr. Leighton's sake}) and if I have none I will undoubtedly read something I wrote to someone else, because I'm -THAT- self-interested. Perhaps I'll check out my archives.

On with it.