Friday, April 19, 2002

Fun with the internet, at 4 AM, when you couldn't fucking sleep if you tried.

SuedeCaramel: are you a dyke, ellegirl?
ELLEgirlBuddy: uh... whatever...
SuedeCaramel: are you?
ELLEgirlBuddy: i dunno... am i?
SuedeCaramel: I think you are.
ELLEgirlBuddy: izzat a fact?
SuedeCaramel: Oh, izza fact, sweet puss, izza fact
ELLEgirlBuddy: izza fact sweet puss izza fact? what's that supposed to mean?
SuedeCaramel: That's supposed to mean that it's a fact, and that I think you got a sweet-tastin' puss....
ELLEgirlBuddy: interesting. so u think that's supposed to mean that its a fact and that i think you got a sweet-tastin puss, huh?
SuedeCaramel: Well, I don't know for sure
ELLEgirlBuddy: well i dont know for sure, u say?
SuedeCaramel: No, I don't. But you can let me find out
ELLEgirlBuddy: no?
SuedeCaramel: You can let me find out
ELLEgirlBuddy: find out what?
SuedeCaramel: What you taste like, honey
ELLEgirlBuddy: i'll have to think about that!
SuedeCaramel: Don't think too long. I can only wait for a while
ELLEgirlBuddy: i'll have to think about that!
SuedeCaramel: hurry up, sugar-nips
ELLEgirlBuddy: 'scuse me?
SuedeCaramel: I said hurry up
ELLEgirlBuddy: really?
SuedeCaramel: yeah, you heard me
ELLEgirlBuddy: hmm... maybe, but could u repeat yourself?
SuedeCaramel: Okay, I'll make it really, really clear- I want you to make up your mind to spread those sweet cyber legs of yours so I can lick your insides clean with my long, red tongue
ELLEgirlBuddy: that was too long for me to understand! please try something shorter.
SuedeCaramel: I want to eat you until you scream my name.
ELLEgirlBuddy: oh really?
SuedeCaramel: yes, really
ELLEgirlBuddy: oh.
SuedeCaramel: do you want me to?
ELLEgirlBuddy: i'm actually not sure if i want you to.
SuedeCaramel: I can make you sure
ELLEgirlBuddy: no kidding?
SuedeCaramel: no kidding, pumpkin' thighs
ELLEgirlBuddy: no, huh?
SuedeCaramel: yes.
ELLEgirlBuddy: that right?
SuedeCaramel: oh, it's soooo right
ELLEgirlBuddy: really?
SuedeCaramel: yes, really
ELLEgirlBuddy: golly!
SuedeCaramel: Good golly, Miss Molly, I'm gonna use you to get my jollies....
ELLEgirlBuddy: oh yeah? good golly miss molly you're gonna use me to get my jollies, huh?
SuedeCaramel: you said it, angel food cake
ELLEgirlBuddy: i said no such thing!
SuedeCaramel: Oh, I think you did
ELLEgirlBuddy: u do? wow.
SuedeCaramel: it makes me SO HOT when you use the letter U instead of the actual cute little thing
ELLEgirlBuddy: i'm not sure if it makes you so hot when me use the letter u instead of the actual word you cute little thing.
SuedeCaramel: I think you are
ELLEgirlBuddy: that right?
SuedeCaramel: yeah, it's right
ELLEgirlBuddy: yup.

yeah. anyway...
SuedeCaramel: anyway you want it
ELLEgirlBuddy: oh really?
SuedeCaramel: yes it is
ELLEgirlBuddy: is it really?
SuedeCaramel: I can slide into you like a snake, baby
ELLEgirlBuddy: you can slide into i like a snake baby? u sure 'bout that?
SuedeCaramel: oh, very sure
ELLEgirlBuddy: very sure? what's that supposed to mean?
SuedeCaramel: I'm touching myself, darling
ELLEgirlBuddy: you're touching yourself darling??
SuedeCaramel: yep
ELLEgirlBuddy: huh.
SuedeCaramel: you doing it to?
ELLEgirlBuddy: ok, so i doing it to.
SuedeCaramel: :-) good
ELLEgirlBuddy: if you're happy, i'm happy! ;-)
SuedeCaramel: let's stay happy
ELLEgirlBuddy: yes!
SuedeCaramel: mmmm, yessss....yes yes yes....

That's right, My name is Linda, and I successfully cyber screwed a bot. On with it.