Friday, April 19, 2002

So I guess things between me and person I was previously having a problem with worked out as they're going to be. What's past is past, and I still love him. I guess if things start happening again, we've got a bit of a problem, but for now, we're okay.

While I was in my brokedown state, Emily offered support from a far. This makes me feel good, like despite everything we still have some sort of connection. I don't like the way things ended between us, but it wasn't my choice, so I guess I'll work with what I have.

I'm really sore and tired, and considering how soon I'm going back to school, I think I might decide just to go to sleep, to start resetting my circadian clock. I've had really really fucked up sleeping...rituals lately, especially last night.....ugh. So I guess it's in my best interest NOT to stay up till 4 am again tonight.

Nothign to say anymore, so I ain't gonna try and say it. That's the NEW motto of "you must be very bored". On with it.