Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Ah, such a great movie.

Having spent the first three post-present-opening hours of the holiday contentedly in my room, I now look for new ways to avoid my family, especially the gaggle of Gorham-bred rednecks that are due in about an hour. This being the groupI have the most content for out of pretty much my entire extended family between the two ugly, nasal-voiced younger children, the two pissed-off, anti-social, slummier versions of me older children (who are infinitely more tolerabale than the others, but almost definitely will not be here), and the two slack-jawed yokel parents, I can pretty much assure you that I am in no way looking forward to this visit. I fully intend to spend as much of the holiday as possible barricaded in my room waiting for the oppurtunity to receive more gifts.

My flamboyantly gay uncle Raymond should be arriving soon, as well- he always gives the most entertaining presents, as at least 90% of his shopping is done 2 hours before stores close on christmas eve. At that point, he ditches any concept whatsoever of what we may actually want or what presents suit us- last year he gave me a 10 or 15 dollar gift certificate to L.L. Bean, of all places.(Because it's open all night- he did shopping last year midnight on christmas morning) The year before was the zenith of humor, though- he gave my mother her very own copy of The Blair Witch Project.

More later, if the hick children don't take over the computer upon their arrival. On with it.