Sunday, December 23, 2001

There is possitively no way to justify being online right now rather than packing to go to Gloucester. Orginally, we were supposed to have left two and a half hours ago, but apparently the baby was sick last night and this has somehow affected our plans.

Either way, though, we'd be leaving any minute if we were all ready. And I am no where near ready.

Things to bring:
Uncle Freddy's Dilbert book to return
My logbook
Another notebook
Reading materials including the book Mr. Leighton is having me read, old logbooks, and a couple garfield books CD's, I guess.

Is that it? I haven't the faintest idea!

Oh yeah, clothing.

Why do I think the internet would be even slightly interested in what I'm packing for Gloucester?

Ugh, I wanted to make it so it displayed my nickname and not my real name at the end of these, but that doesn't seem to be working out...I shall try again later, I must pack now.

On with it.