Tuesday, December 11, 2001

"I finally made it, this town looks rearranged
I don't know these people anymore."
~Blues Traveller, Canadian Rose

So Jenn and I went to Wal*Mart tonight and I got shit for Em and Austin, two of the 7 major people I have to get gifts for, and we saw a shitload of people- Amber, who looks amazingly different with her glasses, Jesse and Christina Taylor and Devon (Jesse's ex-girlfriend), the guy who works at movieland and, most importantly, Bobby, who I haven't been talking to at all lately, which bothers me. We were close for so long and as of late our relationship had been exactly zip. Jenn asked Bobby if he wanted to go to the movies with us (plans which she improvised on the spot, knowing that I, of course, had nothing better to do) and he accepted- I asked him if he hated me or something and he said that he was just talking to Sam the other night about no longer talking to me and how it was upsetting him. That made me feel good.

After a humiliating encounter between them, my tendency to be an ass about things, and the 20 items or less line, Bobby called home and found out he couldn't go to the movies with us, but Jenn and I resolved that as soon as possible we will, in fact, make plans that somehow involve him. I think he and Jenn would make an incredible couple and Jenn, 17 years and 11 months old and still having never kissed a guy, isn't entirely inclined to disagree. This leads me to the idea that her and I should do something with Jeff and Bobby because I'm dying to force him to meet (spelled that "meat" the first time through, hello freud) and spend time with my friends, and I figure Bobby and Jenn are good choices for the first time being that he's met Jenn briefly, and Bobby's a Metallica fan. So he and Jeff will pretty much indefinitely get along.

I'm doing some stuff and I'm afraid I'll accidentally close this, so I'm gonna post for now and maybe come back later. On with it.