Wednesday, December 12, 2001

I'm like on a bitch roll....yeah, that's right, I'm makin' an estrogen sandwich- sweet meat on a bitch roll. (do YOU know what the hell I'm talking about? Because I sure don't!)

Andrew came to me asking for some consolation and I, being entirely incapable of sympathizing with him since he's gone through this whole "Let's get over Linda by falling for (the entirely unattainable) Amber" stint, told him that I really didn't know how to give him any right then. I don't think I could have faked it, really. Some people would call it assertion, but I'm not really used to not stroking the pity sticks of whichever breying ass asks me too.

Apparently I'm pissed about something, because normally I would have been gentle about that. Don't much feel like caring right now.

Maybe it's my lack of contact with people I actually care about as of late. But this will subside shortly- Emily is coming home for vacation tomorrow, I'm seeing Jeff friday, and Elorza came online today to let me know he's been busy lately but he'll e-mail me soon. I still miss Ben, Nick and Chad, but I've been talking to Ben more lately and I'm sure things will get better with the other two once they have the time or I have the energy. Mark and Aaron will both be back for vacation soon, and Torrie and Jill's Christmas party will come up one of these days- they had to reschedule it because I, a dumbass, told them there was a Triangle Sleep show on a day there wasn't.

I am determined to have myself a Merry Little Christmas. (Or a little Mary one, quoth Thibidou- which reminds me, I should go see Judd)

So once again I'm going to go to bed having finished neither my english nor my french's nice not to care right now. Tomorrow is thursday...this week is almost done.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

I will. I must. How depressing.

"Neighbor to neighbor!
Father and son!
One for all
And all for one!"
~Seize the Day, from the Newsies, covered masterfully by the garage band 0% real....
(Note: This quote has no significance whatsoever right now, but the song is stuck in my head and that makes me happy.)

On with it!