Monday, December 10, 2001

Jeff did a better job at making me feel okay tonight than I thought he would......he checked the site. He knows I lied to him. He's yet to know what was actually wrong, but I will, and pretty much have to, tell him. If I harbor any hopes whatsoever of this relationship being more successful than past ones.

Derek and I seem to be...doing that weird thing we always used to do, and apparently still do, where we're being pissy towards each other without being willing to admit that we're fighting. I really hate it.

Casey Labrack, a friend of Ben and Nick's that I met two years ago in young writers and pretty much stored in the "people I'll never have any reason to think about again" compartmaent of my memory, is cool shit.

Nick's trying to apologize for not being available lately and I won't let him...either I was more hurt by that than I suspected or Jeff didn't cast as much as a spell on me as I thought he did. I'm trying to be nice right now, to everyone, and it's failing. Or maybe I'm not trying anything. I should be in bed.

I'm wondering if I'm angry at pot for existing or angry at Derek for getting stoned? Or angry at all, or hungry....I'm pretty sure I'm hungry, I'll have some toast before bed.

I sort of miss Elorza. Or something. I wish he could have come up over thanksgiving. I'd really love to see him again.

I'm asunder....blah. I'm out.

My name is Linda and it's been a while since I told you my name. On with it.