Monday, January 28, 2002

Gotta finish up the class act....I put things off WAY too often....ugh.

Supposed to have it done a while ago, then Jenn calls today and asks me to go to Wal*Mart. We go, end up buying ice cream, so we come back to my place even after wal*mart to eat it and use her playstation. It was fun, but yeah...I gotta stop with the procrastination shit.

Trying to call Jeff's radio show but, much like the last time I tried, it just keeps ringing and ringing. This could mean he's on the air, in the bathroom (would NOT be a surprise) or...uh, dead, I guess.

I want to be in bed but I must finish the script for tomorrow, which isn't difficult, or at least shouldn't be, hypothetically, because I already know what to write...sorta.

STILL have yet to start college ap essays, as soon as I get this damned script out of the way, that's my total focus. I'm gonna try to call Jeff again in another five minutes. I want to be in bed by 11.

This is a boring update.

I wanted to put an energizing song on to keep me ready and rolling to write this damned script when I'd rather be unconscious, and I ended up putting on "There Ain't No Mountain Enough". This reminds me, immediately, of Elorza. I downloaded it because of an e-mail he send me- one of like, maybe five, ever. He wrote it to me just before he was leaving for a few days and he had talked to me- we weren't even really close at that point, but I was in a bad mood, and he could offer me no solace. It didn't "sit well" with him, so he e-mailed me later when he was listening to that song that I came to mind, and that he was sorry, and something about the good in life outweighing the bad. It didn't matter what he said- the fact that someone like him cared enough to bother to try and say it was good enough for me. That's the way it pretty much always is with him- all I need is some indication that he's thinking about me.

That said- 96 days till prom!

I shouldn't be calculating the days until prom, I should be writing my script, but the slightest reminder that he's gonna be there, that he'll be here for the whole weekend (I think) makes me, like, effuse.

Have I mentioned I love the internet?

"Games, changes and fears
Where will they go from here?
When will they stop?
I believe that faith has brought us here
We should be together, babe
But we're not.

I play it off, but I'm dreaming of you
I keep my cool, but I'm fiendin'."

I am a people fiend- I "fiend" about whoever's on my mind the most that particular week. I'm not "fiendin'" over Elorza, that whole thing was a complete topic switch. Which I will now quickly switch back to the fact that


"Here is my confession:
May I be your possession?
Boy, I need your touch
Your love, kisses
And such.
With all my might I try
But this I can't deny.....
I play it off, but I'm dreamin' of you."

*Swirls around* I'm DEFINITELY more energetic without caffeine. Music is good.


alright, alright. Calm your hemorroids.

I'm out, y'all.

My name is SssssSSSSSuuuede, and I play it off
But I dreamin' of YOOOOOOOOOU
I keep my cool
but I'm FIENDIN'

Though I try to hide it,
It's clear-
I blow bubbles when you are not near! (My own version)
On with it!