Saturday, February 02, 2002

Linda's life lesson of the day-
Bathe as soon as you realize you need to.

My father has been in the bathtub for ENTIRELY too long, Jeff could arrive anywhere from now until 22 minutes from now (longer if he's later) and I'M NOT CLEAN YET.

This is because I figured I'd take my time in getting into the bathroom so that I wouldn't have to wait around, bored, after I was finished.

"Until another time
You walk around my mind.....
something something something something something something...
Into another place
You walk around my face....
something something something something something something...
Sandwiches time
Sandwiches time
Sandwiches on my mind."

Jacquie is right- this song is theraputic...oddly.

6:12 and he's supposed to be here at 6:30- let's hope he's late! Looks like I'll get absolutely no good shower-dancing in today, either.

Gawd-damn, my father is a slow-ass walrus. A week ago or so I was pretty bitter at him- he came downstairs at one point when I had just came back from Jeff's and gruffly barked at me "You forgot to clean the ferret cage." Before stopping myself, I actually started to say "You forgot to care about me in a paternal way." My don't-say-that reflexes are pretty slow, the crisis was only slimly averted.

Ah, he's out, and with horrible timing- 12 minutes left. Ugh!

On with it!