Tuesday, January 29, 2002

The members of the College Board are my new heroes.

A term I once only applied to Em's cunning cheat of an ex-boyfriend, Randy/Noah, these guys are Super Evil Geniuses. And I love them for it.

They are the epiphany of dirty capitalists. First they invent the product, which doesn't take ANY money to produce, really- it's a test, a bunch of questions. Then they create the need by making ALL the best colleges require their scores. Then they raise the our dependence on it, slowly spreading to more and more colleges all over the nation, and more and more students are going to college, and more and more people MUST take the SATs! Then, and only then, they raise the prices to an obsurd amount. Then they nickle and dime you with extras- get your scores online, on the phone, by singing telegram, etc. And then, because they know that people like me will ALWAYS wait till the last minute, the come up with extras that we, the public, still need and force you to pay TOP DOLLAR for them!

I have just had my scores sent rush delivery to Eugene Lang (New School). And it will cost my parents 26 dollars and fifty sense.

College Board- you are SOOOO evil. I salute you

"God" bless America!
On with it!