Wednesday, January 30, 2002

See which Greek Goddess you are.

Well, who can argue with that?

I'm in Floyd's room, alone, using her computer (clearly) and her Rent soundtrack. La Vie Boheme!

"Hey mister-
She's my sister!"

Katie and I got our body fat done today- it turns out we're both in an unacceptable level of body fat content...whatever.

I just sang "To sodomy, it's between god and me- to S&M!" outloud and there are classroom full of teachers taking some sort of computer class across the hallway- time to get up and shut the door.

Much better.

I'm wondering what time I'll decide to get up and go home. It's almost four and my mom has no reason to think I'm here. If Jenn calls, she'll probably go batty. And if she calls the school, I won't hear it with these earphones on- she'll flip out if she calls and I'm not here. Perhaps I should take this oppurtunity not to be anywhere she expects me to be- I should fly to the moon and rest in the stardust and watch the earth as it turns. I should go to Tahiti and walk down sandy beaches and have torrid affairs with the natives. I should hitchhike to San Francisco and become a reclusive writer with a regular, intensely popular columnist in some underground newspaper.

I should live, and love, and get out of Lisbon and the talons of my family while I stiill can.

Or, ya know, not. *Adjusts the headphones so that they're only covering one ear*

I'm in a weird mood. Hormones. I felt it coming on in film today- that and the fact that I couldn't get rid of of cramps despite taking tylenol. I need to go home and eat bunny tracks (an ice cream jenn and I bought together) Actually, maybe Jenn can come over today. That's really what I need. Playstation, baby. Playstation and bunny tracks. I'll save my essay for later tonight like I did with yesterday's- oh, you'd be proud. I actually got one of them done.

I should probably call home now. I should probably do a lot of things. Let's all pray for Jenn's availibility, or for a call from someone unexpected or maybe just someone dropping by. I need a saving grace today.

"Oh and Mark!
We're sorry to hear that Maureen dumped you- I say c'est la vie!
So let her be a lesbian!
There are other fishies in the sea-
Love, Mo-om!"

On with it.