Thursday, January 31, 2002

I called Ben. He was supposed to call back, but he never did. Oh well- he might have school tomorrow. (Yeah, right)

I think I'll set my alarm for the normal time just so I can be comforted by the fact that I get to fall back to sleep.

As a distraction waiting for him to call back, I watched the end of....actually, most of the American President. I started watching it- this time weeks ago. Didn't matter, I've got it, like, memorized anyway. It's, like, cool and junk.

I sent away the New School application finally. Miss Sutton forgot to bring her part of it today so she's sending it when she gets the chance, and we got to the post office just before they closed so while it MIGHT get there tomorrow, chances are it won't be there till saturday morning. But I passed giving a fuck about 3 miles back, I'm just cruising down the empty road now, letting the wind do what it will to my hair and watching the sunset- that's right, I've gone south, I'm warm where I am.

I want to stay up for the pure novelty of staying up on a thursday, but there's nothing to do and I'm tired. I'd watch something, but I didn't grab any new rentals today when I went to return the old ones because my mom was driving me and she didn't want to stay out in the storm. Speaking of it, if I can't see Jeff tomorrow because of it I'm going to be livid- same if I can't get to the bank.

There was some hair sitting on the mousepad that I have now picked up to play with- it was there in the first place because I pulled it out of a brush. I am a quintessential packrat- my mom told me once that if you kept all the hair that you pulled out of your brushes and put it outside in the spring, the birds would use it to line their nests- I like the thought of little birds being hatched on my hair and living on it, and being more comfortable because of it, so it always bothers me to through away hair. No one will save this all winter, though- there's some more in the bathroom, you think if I put it outside now a bird will still be able to find it this spring? It'll probably get all muddy. Maybe I should find some place to put it all.....a jar or something. It would make an interesting conversation piece, at the very least.

Hmmmm....this is the type of idea that once I get it in my head, there's no hope at all of my not going through with it. Be on the look out for my hair jar, and bring your hair donations to my house! And hey, start your own hair jar today- a baby bird will appreciate it!

On with it.