Friday, February 01, 2002

As those of you who are more observant can plainly see, I have made a few subtle changes to the site- firstly, the explanation beneath the title. I was saving it previously the promised land of a new location where I can have pictures and pretty things and all the jazz that a good weblog generally has, but it looks like that may be a while in coming.

Secondly, I have changed the update line or whatever it is to say "You've been hit by a SuedeCaramel"- I have to give Andrew credit for the idea their, he re-wrote smooth criminal for me a long time ago. He seems rather upset right now, either that he hasn't been mentioned on here or on Amber's livejournal or something along those lines, I don't know. He's on away, or else I'd talk to himabout it, but I meant to be in bed a while ago. As if it matters. (going to bed, not talking to him)

My neck hurts though, and while I'd like to be continuing my conversation with Chad, he has work to do, despite the fact that he won't have school tomorrow. Dear, studious Chad. With the perfect skin. I miss Chad.

And Ben. I've seen Nick lately, so it's not grading on me quite so much that I haven't seen him, but Chad and Ben I miss. Oh vell....Chad probaly isn't very comfortable with me and Ben and I are entirely too comfortable with each other.

Ben and Nick say Chad is nicer to girls than he is to guys and they must be right, because he's great to me- I've just been annoying him for a really long time while he has work to do, and then I asked him if he wanted to talk about some problem he's been having and he makes the effort to make sure he complements me about how good I am to talk to before he leaves so that I don't feel blown off. Wonderful Chad- all the auburn boys are wonderful.

Derek and I were supposed to hang out at one point, too. I should call him sometime.

Ah vell, time for good little girls to go to bed.

And me, too.

On with it.