Friday, February 08, 2002

The librbary is cold, and my thin bra and white shirt ar doing very little to hide the status of my body temperature. Or they were before I went into the bathroom to assuage that agitated state of Babette and Janelle, my nipples, named by Jeff a long time before we were dating, with a few tender massaging strokes. Luckily, my libido is not switched to high right now- as it DEFINITELY was yesterday, or else the friction might have only served to stir up the poor girls' attentions further.

I have just realized that it seems like a pattern- I see Jeff sunday, am satiated by that for almost the whole week, then on Thursday morning, I manage to get myself incurably horny. In general, up until that point that week, my pleasuring myself quota will be low, so I'll take care of that thursday after school......or in school, depending, and by the time I see Jeff on friday, I'm no longer worked up. I should probably change the pattern to benefit him slightly more.

Amber's comment: "And yourself, trust me."

She's watching me write this and complaining of missing her beloved ....T-shark?? Turner, my bro- brother of my oldest friend, Leigh, whom I have known since birth....I don't know if that implies I've known Leigh since she was born, I haven't. I've known her since she was one, I've known Turner since he was born. He was the brother I never knew I wanted, but now I have grown to be incredibly protective of him. Amber likes to torture me by naming off the ways she's corrupting him. I got back at her in french the other day, but I'll have to explain that later- it's lunch time.

On with it.