Thursday, February 07, 2002

*Screams aloud*

There's an episode of Will & Grace on in a half hour that I've been hellbent on watching all week long, and if I miss it because of this goddamned school bullshit, I'm going to KILL something.

Oh, no, look at me! ook at me! I've just alerted the listbon school system AGAIN.

Talk about multi tasking skills- as I am typing this I am not looking at the keyboard or the sreen at all because I need to gind the missing encarta CD so I can print up an article on Victor Hugo for the french report which would have been overdue had it not been for the fact that I was at gifted and talented during the last french class.

Aside from writing a three-page report- which is supposed to be hand written, so it's not that bad- I have to read to page 93 in the hunchback of Notre Dame- I'm on page 70 right now I believe. I also had to collect materials to bring to hall decorating tomorrow, which had me wildly stressed earlier, but after an hour or so of scrounging, I now have them all except for a astronaut monkey of Emily's that I would go and collect now, except that her parents are not at home, so I must wait for Mrs. White to call me back. (Which, if it happens at all, will almost indefinitely happen during my sacred episode of Will & Grace. I have to get up well before six tomorrow in order to participate in Hall Decorating tomorrow morning- I get to be Mimi from the Drew carey show, which means I'd LIKE to be in bed by ten tonight- I still won't get 8 hours of sleep but WHEN HAVE I EVER? (Answer- last night. I was in bed by 10:15, woke up at 6:30 and snoozed till 7:11) It's unlikely that I'll be in bed by ten however being that A- I think my episode of Will & Grace may be an hour long and B- I think Jenn is going to recruit me for helping her paint. Technically, I did offer to help but DAMN, I didn't realize I'd have this much to do.

Matt Damon is going to be on tonight. I really, really wanted to see it.

And I had hall decorating is the part of winter carnival tahat I definitively decided NOT to be involved in. Tomorrow I have a rehearsal for the part of it which is just as involved and which I am the HEAD of- you guessed it, the Class Act. You should all come to the Talent Show- those of you who know me and live near here, anyway, which I see is a dwindling percentage. If we do well enough and win, it will be my crowning moment. And if we don't win, my recent hypersensitivity will probably lead to a break down. Be prepared with figts of congratulations or sincere regret. I work my ass off every year, and this is my last chance to shine along with my fellow seniors.

I'd reflect on that, but I don't have the time.

On with it.