Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Today was really good- funny as shit and entertaining and all sorts of other things, up until about ten minutes ago, maybe less, when Jeff and I's phone conversation got inexplicably tense.

It's not his fault or mine- I need to be doing something else when I'm talking on the phone basically because I need to be doing something with my hands when I'm on the phone, and he isn't the type of person who can start up new topics of conversation to bring me back to talking to him. We got into as much of an argument as we ever get into, then I pointed out that it was dumb and I told him I was sorry and I needed to go to bed anyway. But we hung up feeling unresolved.

He came online just now because I was hoping he would and he's wonderful that way. We're working it out. Which is good.

I sent Mrs. Deraspe to my site today, and I tend to forget how awkward it can be while your standing around someone who has just been exposed, for the first time, to the evidence of your bisexuality. The Katie thing.....she seemed to skip over it while I was there, but I doubt there's a way she didn't pick up on the fact that I was writing romantically about a girl. I think Mrs. Deraspe is probably pretty open-minded and, even with people who aren't, I'm open about it- I just think it's uncomfortable when people are reading about it in front of me and I forgot, before they got to it, that there was anything there.

Hi, Mrs. Deraspe! (If you bothered coming back)

There was so much I wanted to write today, but I'm tired and I want to check frank's pit and be in bed by 11. And it's 11 now. So, hopefully, I'll get it out tomorrow. If I can possibly find the time.

On with it.