Monday, February 11, 2002

I'm in Floyd's room with the people who eat first lunch in here. I have just checked MSN messenger- searching for Katie and, lo, she was there! While this doesn't happen me, since my plan is simply to send her a letter- a REAL one, via snail mail, handwritten in the best handwriting I can possibly manage, just the indication that she really does exist, that she's not just a figment that exists solely in the realm of Lewiston High School Yearbooks elates me. And if it got right down to it, and I couldn't contact her any other way, I could through this. And that makes me happy.

What pisses me off is Katie P's reaction to my effusions of joy. She accused me of lying about Katie Snyder's existence.....I don't know, it bothers me. I've lied about a lot of things in my life, but to think that someone who is supposed to be my friend can't tell the difference when it's something this important to me....and the fact that when I told her, point blank, that it was important to me she still wouldn't lay off.....I'm bothered. Really bothered. Bobby and Floyd reacted rather badly to it, too, but Serena and Ricky were...well, Serena was pleasant, and Ricky didn't say anything at all. Ricky would understand, though.

I guess I can't expect anyone to understand this. It's not everyday someone experiences something like Katie, I doubt anyone of them have. And I guess my reaction should really be more one of feeling sorry for them, and for Katie P....who I resent for even just having the same name as Ms. Snyder.

*Sigh* I miss Emily. I don't think Emily would understand this, but I don't think she'd attack me for it. And I think she'd try to get it. I need to find someone who understands.

Maybe Katie Snyder would.

On with it.