Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Yesterday's quote of the day:

Me: What's your middle name?
Jesse J.: Marie
Christina T.: I knew you were going to say that!!!!!!! Just because I knew your middle name.

Something in Christina's tone made me almost fall out of my chair with that one. Tone is important....this was stressed yesterday extremely well by Zach Smith, the newest and most prominent member of my "People I really want to get to know" list. He's a writer, an excellent one...and either a sophomore or a junior. The thing about him....well, one of them anyway, is that when he's without any prominent emotion, the default expression on his face is the kind that, for some reason, led me to the conclusion before I met him that he was the type of person who would shoot up the school. His eyes are all big and shit....I don't know, I just thought of him as scary.

It's one of those stereotypes that got instantly shattered the second I heard him speak. He's incredibly quiet but writes incredibly loud stories. Quirky stories of dark humor....it's great. "Benchwarmer" and it's sequel were the two stories he told yesterday- the highlight of my day, without question. The story, I suppose, was not so much above average that it would surpass anything most of my friends can write, but the way he read the character's voices, his energy, his confidence...I was intrigued. I had already been intrigued, but yesterday I was intrigued while smiling effusively. He's great.

Jenn's going to England tomorrow. Looks like I'm gonna be bored out of my mind this february vacation. I'm going to New York with Phil, at least, and I think I might have some other somewhat major plans with people. I'm wondering if Jenn would bring over the episode of Will & Grace she taped that we were going to watch together if I called her...shit, she's at work. No Jenn, no playstation, no pointless trips to Wal*Mart......she and I gotta make more time for each other than we've had recently when she gets back. She'll be back in....like two weeks, I think.

I just realized I gotta call Kaite back, and after i do that, I want to call Jeff....he had a bad day yesterday. That's not cool. I'm not doing too well at this particular hour myself, but I haven't the faintest idea why. Probably something about yet another realization that most of my friendships are sagging. Hopefully I'll be able to set that straight next week.

On with it.