Saturday, February 16, 2002

Take the Monopoly Piece Quiz!

Just like Jacquie. Her and I get the same test things a lot....except on that drink thing, when I was a pink lady and she was a freakin' ice cube. Jerks.

My favorite piece to play with is the dog, but then again, everybody's favorite piece to play with is the dog. At least in my generation.

I sorta feel like playing Riven. Before that, I sorta felt like writing. Before that, I sorta felt like sitting in my room and cleaning while listening to Mad Season- I did that one for a while. I also planted some flowers in my room, in a clementine box. I'm on a plant kick. I read an article in cosmo or something once that said having plants in your house was good for...the mind or something. Probably be better for me if I spent any time in my room at all....aside from sleeping, or watching movies (which I haven't done in there for a while, but I got some rentals this week: The People Versus Larry Flint, which me and Jeff were *supposed* to watch together yesterday, Only You, and one of my all-time favorites, The Truth about Cats and Dogs.)

I have a headache.

Cathy's taking the computer at ten, so I'm gonna do some promotion stuff. Because that's the kind of sell out I am. I'll check for the archives for Ordinary people stuff, too. Just so y'all don't have to do the work.

On with it.