Friday, February 15, 2002

So I haven't listed the past few quotes of the day. The thirteenth was the best so far ever, I think.

Picture it- it's before the classacts, everyone's running around, getting ready. I'm walking down the junior hall and at the end of it Mr. Letourneau- balding, overweight 31-or-so-year-old algebra II teacher that I lusted for last year (in a father complex way, I'm sure) and who I'm sure eventually found out, or figured out, about my little crush- is walking down a perpendicular hallway. Seeing that I am heading in the same direction as him, he decides to be a playful jerk and turn around to stand in my way, then reposition himself to continue to stand in my way as I repeatedly tried to get around him. Eventually I swung out my arm and pushed him aside. "Watch out man," I said. "If you think I don't abuse teachers, you're wrong."
"Oh yeah?" he asks?
"Yeah." I reply. A moment of silence that might have been spent thinking about what I was going to say next. But no...instead, I blurted out the following.
"Just because you're old doesn't mean I won't beat you."

At this point there was another moment of silence. I turned and we looked at each other awkwardly, then laughed, then I got out of their as fast as I possibly could.

Yesterday's was pretty precious, too- granted, not THAT precious, but what is? Jeff, having come through unexpectedly for Valentine's day (which was really, really great, looking back) brought me roses and the Matchbox Twenty CD that I lost a really long time ago and wrote me a letter and took me out to Friendly's for dessert. On the way to Friendly's, I mentioned something about him being lucky that I wasn't more like Cathy. He said somethign to the affect that if I were more like Cathy, I'd be dating "a jobless idiot."

In case I haven't mentioned before, Jeff is a spoiled only child who has never had a job in his life. He was trying to describe the troglodyte (Tony), but, WOW, did it come out badly. For him.

Delightfully amusing for the rest of us. (Me, at the very least)

So far today, there's been one nominee....maybe I should post a mini-poll with various nominees every day. Might help with my hits....god, I have a one-tracked mind.

Today's nominee:
"You unleased the pussy within!" ~Emily

It was better in context, no, I think it's pretty nice out of context, too.

I'm reeeaaaally nauseous, and I need to bathe and eat something before Jeff calls, so I think I shall scurry off to that now.

On with it!