Thursday, February 14, 2002

The library computers are slow as shit during third period study hall, because the network is bogged down by having almost every computer occupied. Or something like that.

Consequently, I have started writing this entry on wordpad, and if blogger EVER loads, I will then transfer it.

On the....weirdo desk seperation thing to my side, someone has written "4:20", then someone else has written "rules", then a third person has written "you suck" in response, presumedly, to the first two. Generally, if I have a pen ready and someone writes something insulting, I either change it to be something positive or neutral (IE "you suck lollipops") or I defend the first person, but since the person who wrote "you suck" was attacking someone who is promoting potsmoking, I think I'll leave it be. Or perhaps make it worse (IE "you fucking suck, you potheaded lame-ass motherfucker").

Except if I ever get busted for writing on bathroom walls or any other school property- which I often do- I'd like to have the defense that I've never written anything negative- which I haven't.

Last night was good- The skit worked out almost perfectly, except for the fact that, due to the volume of the band playing the cheers theme song in the background, the words- about the cafeteria rather than the bar- were not audible. This messed up the dance, which seven people were doing in time to the words, which couldn't be heard. And the second powerpoint presentation didn't work. I was nervous about that for a while, but the other skits were....I don't want to say "bad" exactly, but they didn't appeal to the audience. The junior's, written by Andrew, was funny from what I heard (in the back, so that wasn't much) but the humor was more subtle than a LHS Winter Carnival talent show audience can readily appreciate. The Freshmen, who went third after us and the juniors for some extremely messed-up reason, would have been good except that much of the comedy was copied directly from friends and seinfeld and was exceedingly short. And the bell has just rung and blogger is yet to load, so I'll have to save this and come back after school.

-*Comes back after school*-

The sophomores had excellent actors and costuming, unfortunately for them, the judges seemed to realize that 90% of their skit was copied directly from Saturday Night Live or Seinfeld. Go judges. So, being that our only problem was the song and the fact that the Mimi costume I was wearing was wrongly adjusted in a way that it looked like I had a MAJOR erection, we won. Hurrah. I would have gone insane if we hadn’t, I put so much damn work into that thing.

This entry would have a more celebratory tone, except that I am in a dangerously bad mood. Worst I’ve been in in a while, in fact.

It’s Valentine’s day, and even without being single on it….well, I’ve never liked the day, and it would take a lot to make me like it, I guess. Maybe not. But it hasn’t been good so far. I normally get carnations from some of my friends…..I might have today, actually, but, like last year, I came in late and they were handed out in homeroom. I don’t think I ever got them last year, but I think eventually someone gave me the hearts that people fill out with them as evidence that I should have gotten them at least. I don’t know if Jeff and I are supposed to be celebrating this together or anything….we never discussed it. He comes home from school on Thursday nights, but…yeah, I have no clue. And if anyone were to ask me, I would do my best to convince them that I don’t give a shit.

Zach, from the “people I want to know list”, bought Lori K. 7 roses, which seems to suggest that he doubts the validity of her lesbian relationship. That’s rather disappointing. Then again, perhaps he would have sent them to her even if she was dating a guy- perhaps he just cares about her enough to want to romance her despite Charlotte. That’s….well, admirable in my opinion, so perhaps I’ll just withhold judgement being that, in all likelihood, I’ll never know what he was thinking. I don’t want my opinion of him to be lowered to early.

In between the first part of this entry and now I have endured the student of the month assembly. There are few things in life I hate more than the student of the month assembly….one of them is nausea and another is getting salt water in my mouth. The only thing that could have made it worse- besides being nauseous during it and swallowing sea water during, would be if they presented the bullshit perfect attendance awards during…which they did.

Mr. Leighton is leaving at 2:30, which means I must hasten to leave. I feel like going and lounging in McDonald’s for a while….perhaps I’ll get some fries.

On with it.