Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Andrew reserved some time after quill today, but he kinda got cheated out of most of it- I realized I had a detention from long ago and far away that I had completely forgotten about and hence he and I were only afforded ten minutes. It was...interesting, anyway.

After he left, I strode purposefully- I describe it that way because that's what actually happened- to the lobby to see if Mitch was still in the building. He had detention with me, but we sat at opposite sides of the room. I went into his film class today, it being where poetry would have been once, and I didn't sit near him then, either. He wasn't there. I was profoundly upset by that.

It's funny how quickly people can become objects of motivation. It feels weird having gone the day- on a red day- without saying more than ten sentences to him.

This keyboard sucks- I'm still at school- and I need to call my mom and have her deliver some money for pizza we're getting in CRT- it's a late night tonight.

And besides, my arm hurts.

On with it.