Monday, January 21, 2002

So Jacquie pointed out today that the last ever episode of Daria was on and we both went to watch it in our respective homes- no more Daria, god, does that kill me.

In all the history of TV, or even real life, no first (and second) kiss has ever affected me the way the one between Daria and Tom did. I don't remember if it was Mark or Andrew who was over the first time me and Cathy witnessed that, but whichever it was witnessed me and her totally go into hysterics over it- we were hugging and jumping up and down and everything. It's continued to excite me to no end every time I've seen it since- they showed a clip of it tonight and I literally screamed, and then did that little girlish hand thing where one clamps there hands into fists and does...what I suppose is pretty much a jerk off motion with their arms....hmmm. Either way. The end of Daria....that marks a milestone in my life.

Thank you, Jacquie, fellow crusader of the Anti-Olson Movement.

On with it!