Saturday, January 26, 2002

The "Movie Slums of Beverly Hills" depresses me profoundly.

There's a reason I use the word "profoundly" there. I was watching the movie, and at first it entertained me. It was funny and interesting and amusing, overall. Then all these bad things started to happen to the protagonist, Vivian, and I started to become depressed for her. I don't want to give away the movie, but I felt I could relate with a lot of the issues that she was going through- except for the fact that a major aspect of the movie was their nomatic lifestyle due to lack of monetary resources. That bothered her a lot, and I pitied her. And was, in general, depressed.

But at the end of the movie- and don't read this if you plan to see it (though it's not really a plot thing), she starts talking about how her family is the important thing, and they'll survive as long as their together. How she thought the good life was outside of her fathers car, but she realized that it was inside of it- with them. And I looked around and realized that I am not a nomad, that I have a beautiful house I've lived in all my life....but that I am confined to the rooms of it that my family isn't in so that I do not have to deal with them.

That depressed me profoundly.

Overall though, it was a good movie. Rent it.

This weeks rentals were that, EDTV that Jenn and I watched together, and Man on the Moon, that Jenn and I plan to watch together. So, unless Jenn is home and planless, I no longer have a rental to watch. And my room does not have cable. And I'm sick of the internet, and most of my family is home.

Looks like it's an optimum time to finish the class act or start my college essays.

Ye-up. Not gonna happen.

On with it.