Sunday, January 20, 2002

Old conversations kill. "Don't read if you don't wanna cry again.htm" didn't work, and neither did the next ones I read, which were between me and Jeremey. At the end of one of them, he said "Sweet dreams, my Lin." and that almost destroyed me....but the moisture in my eyes just wouldn't get out. Then I read another one between me and...someone who is not Jeremey. I'm not going to mention who, because he comes out looking pretty bad in the section of the conversation I'm about to paste, and despite the feelings of bitterness and unrequite (I know it's not a word, but I wouldn't know how to make "unrequited" into a noun if you paid me) I'm feeling right now, he deserves better than the infamy of things he said once.

Me: whatever.
Him: that's right
Me: oh, I take that (word) back, you'll point out how much I use it (as he did in an earlier part of the conversation)
Him: it's what I'm here for
Me: don't say that, eventually it will be too high of an expectation for you to live up to.
Him: it probably already is
Me: touché.
Me: people try to hard.
Him: or not at all
Me: the story of me and you.
Him: if you choose to read it that way
Me: you don't think that?
Him: I think too much
Me: don;t say that. it's in "if you're gone". If you're gone could kill me now. don't say anyhig at all from if you're gone.
Him: I'll do what i can
Me: liar.
Me: I should go.
Him: all right
Me: I shouldn't come back.
Him: if you like
Me: blocking you on CheapHydrox wouldn't do a thing, since I don't use it.
Him: either way, do what you like
Me: I love you.
Me: But...I don't know. Shit happens.
Him: yes it does
Me: and now your best defense is "do what you like"....
Him: it's no defense
Me: so I don't have much of a reason to hang around.
Him: I want you to do what you would like to do
Me: argument then. no, it's not that either.
Me: I don't LIKE doing this.
Him: doing what
Me: leaving, damn it.
Him: oh
Me: but you don't stop me.
Him: i don't try to force people to do things

Damn...that one hurt. But no tears.

I'm going to read a few more. I need to cry tonight.

I need a lot of things.
On with it.