Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Well, sucks that they couldn't stay longer, but it was nice having Nick and Chad over. I definitely miss having people to insult, beat up, mess with the hair with and then end up using as a pillow for however long- guys, that is- when they aren't around. Females tend to severely underrated males. Or overrate them.

But under or over appreciated, Chad definitely blew all other nominations for "Most Relaxing Moment of the Week" out of the water- he has hands that can linger over the very tip of my nose. For those of you who don't understand the importance of this, it's tremendous- it's very, very, VERY rare that anyone is allowed to touch the tip of my nose. If I'm in a certain mood, once in a while it's okay, but, yeah, that's not something you want to test- I tweak out on people who touch the tip of my nose. It drives me INSANE for some reason. Most of the time, I can't even touch it without freaking out. But Chad's skin is as soft as Austin's, and he's very...gentle, I guess is the word. Lying somewhat perpendiculer to Nick and him with his fingers tracing circles on the tip of my was a good feeling. I was totally at ease.

People are what make life livable, and in some cases, worth it.

Living from moment to moment,

On with it.