Tuesday, January 22, 2002

I need to bathe and then lock myself in my room and listen to my Tragic Kingdom tape really really loud and thrash around. It's been a hard day. Aren't they fucking all?

I've officially decided to quit caffeine at the advice of Bobby, Jeff, and unwittingly Serena- apparently Bobby got the same chest pains I've been randomly getting just before he quit. And Serena, having been recently diagnosed with heart palpations- whatever those are- is no longer allowed to have caffeine, which would suggest that the two are related, though I didn't really talk to her about it.

This sucks, but I'd like to get rid of my chest pains before they get as bad as Bobby described his. Or before I have to wear a little heart-recording thingy like Serena. My biggest reason for quitting, however, is the fact that I no longer want to be tired all the damn time. Jeff seems to think my obsessive intake of caffeine may have something to do with it.

And I've just now realized, I constantly blog in full block. Interesting.

As if the caffeine revelation weren't enough of a self-improvement to take on for one year, Katie and I officially have a bet going to see who can lose the most weight (technically body fat percentage, just so you know it's not a bulimia race) by May 1st. This, for me, will involve exercising somewhat more regularly than I have been, not licking the grease from the turkey bacon grease (and maybe cutting my daily intake in half...though it's not damned likely) and buying Katie a lot of chocolate. The bet is only for 25 dollars and the point of the whole thing is so we each are motivated to get in shape, but so much for good-natured competition- I play dirty.

Either way, if I can stick to both of my resolutions, my life should improve- I will have, hopefully, more energy, more motivation, and, most importantly, a damned ass. I want to find my ass. I will find my ass. Down with the non-ass! And hey, getting through prom night without breaking a sweat would be pretty fucking cool, too. And with the twenty-five dollars katie will owe me, I can pay for some nice pictures of me and Elorza.

Various countdowns/countups, whatever:

Hours Linda has been Caffeine-free: Roughly 8 and a half
Days till prom: 101
Days till last day of school: I don't know, but it can't be that muchmore than 101
Days left to get her fucking New School application mailed: Like, 9...less, I don't know, talk to someone else
Essays to write for the fucking New School application: 2
Current body weight....hmmm, I'll post that after I bathe. Except that I really don't want to have to come back....I'm gonna guess, like, 140.
Number of motherfucking lemonades I had today: Two, damn it. Fucking lemonades!
Number of classes that Linda doesn't know if she has homework due in tomorrow: Sounds like it's two's lucky day.

Too...much...stress. I'd like to thank Bobby's knee for being my moment of relief today...oh, and Kim, for letting me listen to Spiderwebs on her CD player....just now realizing how intensely that song fucking rocks. Love ya, Kim! *Not that you read it*

Oh, yeah, and one more statistic:
Number of Olsen Twins that Jacquie (Who is white, just in case a *someone* wanted to know) and Linda are out to tatoo: Oh, look at that! Two again!

On with it!