Saturday, January 19, 2002

My high has calmed down, as high's tend to do. I'm remembering that the story I'm listening to, for a second time, was, in reality, a sad one. And I sort of want to be listening to "Call and Answer".

And I miss Jeremey, and I miss Jeff, but not in a way that him being here could really cure. Something's rather lost. As some things are with Jeremey....if I ever had a chance of ever getting to talk to him many things would be different.

So many things are constantly becoming different. I wish I could still cry.

There are a few things that always get me that haven't recently, not enough to bring tears to my eyes- reading my list on my duchess website, watching the final episode of The Golden Girls (though, admittedly, not all the way through), of the more painful Jeremey conversations. I'm gonna try this one I had with Eloza once that I saved as "Don't read if you don't wanna cry again.htm". I'll let you know if it works.

On with it.