Monday, January 14, 2002

I'm loving the school's uncharacteristically fast connection right now. It's been a while since I've stayed after school for the merits of staying after school...which isn't really why I'm staying now. I'm staying now because I my ride home was sick from school today, so Mom is just picking me up here on our way to Señor El Laddo.

Haha! I've just made apparently a risqué comment on the boxer's of a guy's boxers in front of his girlfriend. She seems surprised that I've ever seen the seem of his boxers, but come on now- at one time or another, people generally see the seems of a boxers-wearing guys boxers. At least at a high school level. She must be threatened because she knows I have something of a history of him, even though it's a short, shameful history that involved very little other than his overtures for me and my encouragement of them. And one dance, during which you could not have fit a piece of onion paper between us. But I'm not proud of this. And she has nothing to worry about.

:-) Except that I'm sure he never got over me. Who ever really does?

Ah, how I love being completely, completely deluded.

Midterms this week. Ugh. Wenesday is going to be the bitch of the week. I should be able to handle the rest, though.

My parents are apparently going somewhere this weekend, and my mother suggested that if I have plans, I keep them located in the house. I don't know if she could have more blatantly said "Have your boyfriend sleep over", but she certainly didn't need to try. Not that I don't know that that's the LAST thing she would want, I just don't care. I'm not having sex with him, and if she doesn't trust that, it's my job as an unscrupulous teenager to find ways to get past her distrust. For instance, by giving her still more reason to distrust me.

And at the age of seventeen, that somehow makes sense to me. Ah, how I love being young and able to convince myself that I'm right no matter what.

If my parents decide randomly to stay home for whatever reason, I'll be intensely disappointed. No, I don't want privacy so that we can run through my house naked sporatically commiting sexual acts on otherwise functional pieces of furniture, like the dryer or Austin's race car bed, get drunk and high and create a disturbance. Other than the fact that it would be kinda cool to make out on Austin's race car bed, I'm pretty much against all of those things. I, the ever-defiant teenager, am going against my parent's backs simply for the oppurtunity to wake up in his arms- having spent the night fully clothed, even. I'd sleep with my shoes on if it would convince her to let me spend the night there while she's home, but since NOTHING in the world would possibly convince her to, I must go behind my back.

As I'm sure is apparent, I'm trying to impress upon you all that I am not a reckless, defiant slut. It's simply that my mother is incredibly paranoid.

Well.....maybe not INCREDIBLY. :-)

On with it.