Wednesday, January 16, 2002

DIdn't update yesterday- went from school to the Quill- the school's literary magazine of which I am the editor-in-chief (pretty much just the editor, but I like saying it like that) to CRT, where I faked a stunning presentation that had a bisexual chick hitting on me- again :-) - and then home for a little less than an hour to eat and move my futon mattress back into my room (I think the....bed-part-thingy is REALLY {at least somewhat} fixed this time!) and then to Mark's birthday party, which wasn't as totally scary as I was expecting to be.

Quote of the day from yesterday: "I like seeing Bill Clinton on T.V. He excites me." ~Mark's, like, 80-year-old grandmother.

Meant to come home early enough to do at least SOME studying done for today, but yeah, no, mark's car got snowed in and I had to wait for his brother to drive me home on his way to work. He has a really suprisingly nice car for a guy who works at a mill.

After I returned, I tried to read a story I thought I was going to use for the subject of my English test (an essay) today, but I could not stand to stay awake long enough so I said fuck it, and I ended up using the Great Gatsby anyway. (And it's probably safe for me to say on here, I never actuallly read that either. Parts of it, though.)

One of Elorza's screennames is on right now, but he's either ignoring me on purpose- which I really don't believe he would do- or he's....not there. I'd be hoping he'll come back, but yeah.....I dunno, I'm not really in a mood to be sitting at a computer right now.

Such irony- I go to school and work and wait and wait and wait for 2:12, come home to relax, and immediately start doing something I'm not really interested in doing.

"I never knew I had a dream until that dream was you."

I love that line....well, no, but I like it. It's nothing compaired to classic Bon Jovi, but it's nice. It's a beautiful concept- to be so solely the object of someone's love that they didn't even realize, before they met you, that love was anything they wanted.

I need to bathe. I didn't even bother changing most of my clothing before I went to school this morning. Fuck looking good for finals. Who gives a shit?

And just incase that last point didn't make the profanity quota: bitch-damn-cocksucker.

I thought I was supposed to see Andrew after school today, but I looked all around for him to no avail, so it's probably just that I go the days mixed up. I'm pretty dumb when it comes to that sorta thing. I'm seeing Mark tonight for the last time till he goes back to school. Tomorrow I'm thus far planless, but I should probably remain that way and really start concentrating on aps.

Yeah, that's it. :-}

I REALLY have to e-mail Jeff, it's, way over a week ago. On the sixth, apparently, and even then it was utiliatarian. That's not normal for us. I have to let him know that some plans have changed, too, but yeah, can't stand to stay on this damned contraption too much longer. I don't mind doing the blog thing, but after I'm finished with it, I pretty much just end up waiting around until I find something else to blog about.

The secret to quality web-journaling.

On with it.