Monday, January 14, 2002

I guess maybe now I'm reading through happy conversations to try to block out reading the Kristen one. Maybe just because I'm bored. Can't be that- I meant to be asleep a while ago. Damned machine. Anyway, there are certain aspects of me and Andrew's (Lunt) friendship I'm beginning to miss.

Sybarite de Sade (Linda's other screenname): haha, you suck
Andrew: Right now you're supposed to punch me a couple of times
Sybarite de Sade: *I punch you a couple of times*
Andrew: *Winces and begins to cry*
Sybarite de Sade: heheheh
Sybarite de Sade: *enjoys watching your pain*
Andrew: *would probably think Linda's sadism entertaining if not nestled unconscious in a pool of his own blood*
Sybarite de Sade: *definitely thinks andrew nestled unconscious in a pool of his own blood is entertaining*
Andrew: *slowly goes into cardiac arrest and is unable to tell whether Linda has a moment to stop laughing and call a mortician*
Sybarite de Sade: *calls a pizza delivery guy*

Wow....I've just read the whole conversation, and while most of it was really nice, the end was really fucking awful. GODDAMN, I AM FUCKING STUPID! I told him I loved him and he didn't say it back and I went insane. (I ain't never going to bed at this rate)

Ah fuck. I opened a conversation called "Always Welcome" and found myself pleasantly surprised that I had it with this guy Jeff, from Maryland, who is probably the second coolest online discovery I've ever made, he's amazing. He always makes me happy, so I figured "Boom, happy conversation!" (Jeff's...argot...stuck head), but the conversation ended up being from one of the many times I was trying to ween myself away from Elorza...incredibly unsuccessfully. It was bad.

I'm just doomed tonight. Time for tylenol pm.

On with it!