Monday, December 31, 2001

Technology has brought me into an age where love letters are intangible traces of information in a cold, wiry highway, without the advantages of hand writing or just a subtle wisp of scent...and yet still his words, electronically displayed though they may be, have every bit as much affect on me as I can imagine my ancestor's had on each other...except alive and immortal.

Tonight is New Years eve, and I am about to log off to go and make my plans- don't know what they are yet, but damn it, they'll be something! So let's post my resolutions and refrain from making some cynical comment about the likelihood that I'll mess than up- at least one is too important to not believe in, at least for tonight.

I will be published this year- a magazine or an important website or something, and I will get in better shape than I am now- I want to discover two different three-letter a_s words on my body. Those are the first two...the third....starting at midnight tonight, I will do everything in my power not to fuck this relationship up, to make it work as long and as healthfully as I possibly can.

On January first, 2002, the year I am to graduate and start the second chapter of my life, I have been left with relatively little to believe in. Let's raise a glass of sparkling cider, or coke at least, to those beliefs, and the upkeep of them.

Let's see if I can survive another, eh? Keep tabs on me, readers- it shall continue to be....well, as exciting a ride as it ever was.

Yes, I'm well aware how very little that's actually saying. Screw you too.

On with it!