Friday, January 04, 2002

My life seems to be a somewhat constant parade of the shit hitting the fan. Which leads to the logical conclusion that I need some sort of metaphorical regularity medication.

If any of you out there in Internet Land can tell me what's happened to my template, what line I may have accidentally erased or whatever that makes this damn page appear as thick as it does...I'd really love to be able to fix that without having to go back and reset the template....which would royally suck.

I seem to be in a state right now where I'm wishing against wish the Ben, Nick, or Mr. Ladd would be on. On the plus side, James is on and he is trying to fix my site- damn I love James! You rule, James! Let's all give props to James!

At any rate, I should have been in bed....well before Mark left. Tonight with him was good, though- he's the only other person I know with such an insatiable desire for physical warmth. I'd get into it, but I have to get up in the morning...suck-tacular!

On with it.