Friday, January 04, 2002

Okay, so I'm a dumb hormonal "if I feel like this for thirty seconds, it must be like that forever" girl, and I overreact to stuff.

Today has really sucked. For those of you who want at least some indication of what's going on, Jeff found out about some shit that he didn't previously know about. By reading this, none the less. Yeah, I'm real fucking smart- don't want someone to find out about something? Post it on your website! Quickly now! And, yeah, let's admit it- I'm fucking ripped that I didn't get into the play.

But right now the thing that's salvaging life, as we know it, for me, is A- that Jeff has let me know he will not allow this to come between us, and B- that some people are so fucking cool.

Case in point, Mitch. After making fun of the fact that I stopped talking to him in French class when the teacher moved his girlfriend next to him (and behind me), which I did purely for his benefit, as people seem to think I hit on EVERYONE I say anything to, at least in that school, he asked me how I was and I warned him that an honest answer to that particular question wasn't exactly the type of thing that people talk to about with casual acquantances. He then insists that I tell him, and when I do, he leaps upon the task of helping me. When he has to leave, he tells me to e-mail him so he can think of thigns for me to do and say to remedy my current situations.

People who I consider to be actually good are a dying breed. I went to save the conversation and when I got to my folder in Aim where I save Mitch conversations with the full intention of saving the file as "Mitch is so cool.htm", I found that not only was that filename already taken, but so is the filename "sooocoooool.htm". He's clearly the type of person who leaves a certain impression- once finished talking to him, all one wants to do is express that he's wonderful.

Which brings me back to the idea that he reminds me SO MUCH of Elorza. But I have to pee and eat and I really don't have much more to say, so let's wrap this up.

"The center of attention
Got an honorable mention
Once again.
And salutations-
You're a victim of your own imagination."
~Green Day

On with it.