Friday, January 04, 2002

Looks like I'm going to have to put my own brain to work on how to fix this damn site.

School week statistics:
Best "you had to be there" moment:
Linda: That's a lot of jizz to come out of one cock..uh, coke.
Chase: You know what they say- "Fill me up, Scotty*.
Linda: I'm getting a bad mental picture...
Chase: "Fill me up, Scotty!"
*More laughter*
Chase: Heh heh, "Fill me up, Scotty!"
*More laughter*
Linda: Isn't it "Beam me up, Scotty?"....asshole.
*Hysterical bursts of laughter that cause about three surrounding tables to gawk at us for, like, five minutes*

Movie Rentals:
The Little Mermaid (watched yesterday)
Charly (yet to be watched)
uh....Show...something. Shit....*goes downstairs after moments of trying to look it up fruitlessly, nukes some bagels and checks the video name* Ah, All that Jazz (yet to be watched)

Most Herculean Task:
Fixing Linda's futon- go dad! (Knew he had to be good for SOMETHING, eventually)

Musical quote:
"You think
I only think about you when we're both in the same room.
I'm only here to witness the remains of love exhumed
You think we're here to play a game of who loves more than who...

If you call, I will answer
And if you fall, I'll pick you up
And if you court
This disaster...
I'll point you home."
-Call and Answer, Barenaked Ladies

Most underated constant:
Elorza's endlessly frustrating- and totally wonderful- obstinance.

Biggest tradgedy:
Well, not being casted for the one-acts sucks some pretty fucking huge balls, but I guess we'll see if I can beat that out.

Theme of the week:
Bad fucking karma, man.

Now to partake in my after school ritual of eating way too much- two bagels already, what next?- call some people who will hopefully have pity on me for being a dumbass, and possibly to watch All That Jazz, a rental so promising I couldn't remember it's freaking name, except that it had the word "Show" in it.
Oh, and to try to fix the damn website. Argh!

On with it!