Sunday, January 06, 2002

.....that was the most fucked up ending of any movie ever.

I liked most of it, but it seemed to drag on towards the end, which was....disturbing and surreal.

Didn't get much of my room clean at ALL...there's a shocker.

I'm really hungry, I wonder if mom made any sort of dinner.

Crap, dad's about to see that my room still isn't clean.

I have bigger problems.

I put on more tragic love songs. This is a mistake.

Something tells me I'm gonna medicate myself to sleep again tonight.

Maybe it's just me, but I think they time in life when I get the least amount of attention is when I beg for it. Nothing hurts quite the way expecting the phone to be for you over and over again and having it not be.

If I were in my normal state of sustained arrogance, I would be hurling accusations at everyone else for not being there for me. But not much is normal this weekend.

Tomorrow is monday...somewhat blissfully. At least school is a distraction.

I'm still hungry.

On with it.