Sunday, January 06, 2002

What Color Underwear Are You?

I'm wondering if that will stay there....if it doesn't, let it be known- I am yellow underwear!

I am entirely convinced that the outcome of that quiz was entirely random, but it was entertaining, nonetheless.

Wouldn't it be great if those results actually meant something? One of these days I'll be filling out a resumé and I'll put down in the accomplishments section or whatever "I am yellow underwear!" or "I am a chihuhua!" (Which is what's "what breed of dog are you?" proclaimed me to be.) And I will, of course, get the position of head VP in charge of.....making assload's of money.

*Gets a mental picture* interesting...

I got the link to that quiz from the livejournal of Kenzie, a link to which was provided on Jacquie's page.

I just took yet another quiz, but at the end you have to deduce who you were on your own according to which letter you got the most of- I only got two of one letter, but if I count it for that one, I'm a minion, the same as Kenzie.

What Kenzie and I have in common (that I've discovered so far) & interesting facts
~A penchant for "La Vie Boheme"
~Minion status
~Respect of Ani DiFranco (whom I'm doing my poetry report on- damn, I better start that soon.
~Her boyfriend's....or at least her sex partner's name is apparently Ariel. This turns me on.

She had the lyrics to "In His Eyes" from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on her site, and I somehow got it mixed up with "On My Own" from Les Miserables, so I went to download it and upon discovering it wasn't the same thing, I downloaded "In His Eyes", "On My Own" AND "Bring Him Home", also from Les Miserables. I really wish I knew someone to burn the Les Miserables soundtrack from. I want to know what the....refrain or whatever of "On My Own" is called, the one that has the line "To love another person is to see the face of god." I also want to know how Emily managed to get the picture of her to stay on dysphorena. These are both things that Emily would know. Which is why it's entirely regrettable that Emily's *coughassholecough* stepped on her laptop and broke it. I haven't had any communication with her at all since she went back to Boston. I should call her today...if I can find the phone card she got me for christmas.

Ahhhh!!!! The harmony at the end of "A Little Fall of Rain" from Les Miserables is incredible.

Mike the German has IMed me. He's asking how Jeff is. I'm spending far too much time online.

"A ghost you say?
A ghost may be...
She was just like a Ghost to me-
One minute there and she was gone!"

Red and Black- apparently I'm in a Les Miserables mood. I'm in a completely romantic, girly, wanting-things-to-be-beautiful, let's-all-watch-movies-that-make-us-cry, writing-bad-poetry-and-wearing-perfume mood. No one is here, and I still feel self-conscious that my lips are chapped.

"I feel my soul on fire!"
"My world if she's not there!"
"The color of desire!"
"The color of despair!"

I'm trying to decide between cleaning my room as I watch "All That Jazz" and starting on my Ani DiFranco report, and it's very, very crystal clear which one I'm actually going to do- As much as I do enjoy everything about Ani, writing that report could be classified as schoolwork, and therefore must be put off as long as humanly possible.

So I'm off to do what I've just stated quickly, before I'm distracted by ANYTHING AT ALL. I'm very easily distracted.

On with it!