Tuesday, January 08, 2002

(Note: This was supposed to be posted at roughly 11:45 last night....stupid blogger.)

Today has been spectacular.

Not just good- spectacular. Amazing. Transcendent. Wonderful.

The downside of today was entirely based on the fact that school was not cancelled. But Mr. Thibidou didn't show up, so band was cancelled- I wasted the free time massaging Pete, which was cool, because it's always nice to spend your time touching somone genuinely appreciative of it, and it helps if you idolize them. Business management was fun because Mitch and I got into our normal arguments, and they continued through poetry- I love his ability to frustrate me, he's great. Right now, if I had to answer on a survey "who makes you smile the easiest" it would be Mitch. Since he and I aren't technically friends, but really more of....close acquantances, I guess that's the only thing I could define him as- my school day smile. (Holy shit, did that come out trite. I hope to fucking god he doesn't check this anymore because, damn, it would suck just to know there was a possibility that he read that part. If he did read it, though, it wouldn't be acknowledged, anyway, as I doubt either of us would admit to not hating the other in public. That's the kind of relationship I enjoy most, I think.) After mutually becoming frustrated with Mr. Leighton, Liz and I went for a walk and made plans to go backbacking through Europe in study hall. After school, I saw Mr. Ladd- it was a good session, he's seemingly proud of me for...something, I'm not quite sure what. Then Jeff picked me up.

Jeff is the love of my life. There are so few other ways to define him. Tonight was......romantic and fun and fucking HILARIOUS in parts- I can't really relate the story of what incredibly funny happenings went on tonight, but trust me. Funny as shit. And the way he was touching me- the way he always touches me- it floors me.

I get to see him again tomorrow. And he finally gets to meet Floyd, assuming CRT is still on. Oh, and on that note, I have to wake up really fucking early to go to a prom commitee meeting, so, yeah, let's be ON WITH IT!